Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Kids Love When It Snows!

Hey Everyone,

My kids want a PS4 and I've decided to teach them about making and saving money. They love it when it snows because I taught them to go out and shovel sidewalks. I'm extremely proud of them! They're working together to earn and save money. They have the discipline not to squander it on candy. Yesterday they even voted unanimously NOT to go to a movie and spend $50!

When I first took my kids out shovelling some people would answer the door and see me standing with these kids and they would scoff as if I was making my kids my little slaves or something. So instead of standing right at the door I started standing back by the road. Still, there were sneering looks as people poked their noses out and saw me.

Sadly, I've realized that I'm bad for business. People don't hire them when I am standing near by.

On their own my kids have made up to $60 in a few hours of working! Other times they have been out and barely cleared $5. But so far they have over $200 saved for their PS4; which is $399.

I feel the lesson I am teaching them is extremely valuable. They know how to earn money and save! They know that it takes discipline to not squander their hard earned money.

But as for those sneering people. I have to ask. Would you rather I just hand my kids all the stuff they want? Would it be better to let them sit at home and just see new shinny things magically appear in front of them? If you say "no" then why do you glare at me like I'm a bad parent?

I believe kids should play in the mud and snow. I believe kids should learn to work and be productive and learn about money. I believe its good when kids scrape their knees and get a little cold because it toughens them up for real life. As Corb Lund says; "it ain't no picnic".

If they want to sit in front of a TV and play games; I believe I'm being a responsible parent by balancing that with good'ol outdoor activity and some hard work. Then maybe when they grow up they'll respect money and work hard and be honest people.

By the way my kids are 3 (girl), 8(boy), 8(girl) and 10(boy). I have taught them how to shovel properly and they do a good job. They follow my lead and the time they spend with me is like playing. Thats how they learn.

BTW the boys mostly do the work and the girls watch and smile, not sure about that life lesson LOL.

I plan to teach them how to use the lawn mower and in a few years they can take it around too (maybe when the oldest is 13-14). Other ideas I've given them to make money is to pick bottles and cans and walk dogs. Do you have any other ideas?

What are your thoughts on teaching kids to work?
What are your thoughts on kids playing in the mud and scraping their knees?


BTW; I've been away from blogging and social media for a while. After the election I was worn out with it all. I will slowly come back. I look forward to hearing from you.

Also yesterday I wanted a haircut but my favourite hair cutter man has moved to another planet! So I tried doing it myself. Now I don't have any hair. :( My mother does'nt know yet! Shhhhhhh...

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Facebook vs. Twitter

Hey everyone,

I've been reflecting on my experiences with social media and have a few thoughts to share with you.

First let me tell you about my history on social media. Three years ago I deleted my Facebook account and got off of social media all together because I was overwhelmed.

For 2 years I was anti social media and deep down inside I still am (LOL!). I dream about the day when I can throw my phone away and be "eu naturel"! In the meantime, I recognize the need to form good social media habits and to actually be social in real life (see Blog: Is Social Media Really Social?); but that is another story.

About a year ago started blogging and using Twitter because I wanted to grow my business. It has been a great experience for me. I started meeting new people and building new relationships! I started building my personal brand! I became more connected to people and more involved in the community!

I however was very reluctant to get back onto Facebook and here's why. I identify 2 fundamental differences between Facebook and Twitter. First the direction of relationship building and second the profundity of the connections to the community.

Facebook serves people who already know each other and have already met in real life. Don't try adding "strangers" because they will get "creeped out". In fact if you add too many people at once Facebook blocks you! I admit that this serves a purpose and that a lot of people probably like that. But I think its weird how people imagine they have privacy when they post to social media. As if strangers can't see your Facebook posts?!?!

Twitter on the other hand embraces the expanse of potential connections and reverses the direction of relationship building; instead of having to meet people in real life first, you can meet them on Twitter and then build a relationship from there! That is perfectly normal on Twitter! On Twitter almost everyone you meet will be a stranger.

Being on Twitter is like standing on a busy sidewalk and having chance encounters with people who walk by; those chance encounters often turn into friendships! So, in that way, Twitter connects you to the community is a much more profound way! (How to use Twitter Wiki.)

In other news this week; my fiancĂ© Krystal is now on twitter (@FitMomRD). But she'll need YOUR help! Please give her a follow and engage with her to encourage her to embrace Twitter more! Its taken me a year to get her to sign up! I hope she doesn't stop using Twitter because the learning curve for Twitter is too much of an obstacle.

I liken the obstacle to the keyboard which was invented for typewriters and because of tradition is now on all our smartphones. Rather than reinventing the design to better suit the new application it was carried forward with all its inefficiencies. So too is Facebook vs. Twitter; except that Twitter reinvented the design to better suit the new application.

(BTW G+ takes the best of Facebook and Twitter and again reinvents the design; jarring Twitter and Facebook users alike! I however predict that eventually G+ will catch on... but who knows when; the learning curve is really steep).

Anyhoo; now that I have alienated all my Facebook friends (:p) and pandered to my Tweeps I'll end by saying that this is all just my opinion and that I value your input.

What do you think about Facebook vs. Twitter? Which do you prefer? Why?



Shameless Plug One! Thank you Jo(e) Ideas For Business for learning me the ropes on Twitter! You guys ROCK! (Twitter / Facebook).

Shameless Plug Two! Thank you @ReactionMike for telling me about MixBit. I've had a lot of fun with it!

One More Thing! Twitter is a conversation, don't just broadcast... especially if your a business. You have to actually engage!

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hello City First Aid Training!

Hey everyone,

Even though I didn't win a seat on Red Deer City Council my campaign has been a HUGE SUCCESS! The relationships I have made and the life experience that I have gained has made it well worth the while!

People ask me if I intend to run again and I honestly don't know because 4 years is a long time. I am, however, inspired to commit myself 100% to being involved in the community. The experience of running for council has built up many of my virtues and talents. I am creative, mindful and a natural public speaker; and I will be looking for ways to use those talents to benefit others around me. 

On another note and to the title of this blog; Krystal and I have decided to put City Motion Fitness on the back burner and focus on First Aid Training. Our passion is health and fitness and we are still committed to those ideals however we have to make our business succeed and must make calculated decisions. So hello City First Aid!

Please support Krystal and I by telling your friends and family about City First Aid. We offer standard first aid training and are certified through the Red Cross. Everyone from dentists to rig hands to school bus drivers may benefit from our quality first aid training! If you need it for your job or if you just want to be prepared for an emergency please come to us! Also we have the best prices in town!

Finally you may have noticed some changes to my social media profiles. I have decided to keep my Facebook Page that I used for my campaign. It will be a tool for me to maintain relationships with my supporters and build more meaningful connections in the community. Also I will be using my twitter handle @Wieler4RD to the same end.

So there are many ways to keep in touch with me; but my favourite is coffee! Hint! Hint! Wink! Wink!


Jonathan Wieler

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Taking Sunday Off - Red Deer Election

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I had a fantastic experience and it was the perfect way to end my election campaign. All of the candidates and I were invited to a sharing circle by the Native Friendship Society. We were asked to speak our truth and share how we felt. It was an eye opening experience.

There were some notable absentees but most of the candidates attended. Also present were a very diverse group of community members; from street people to affluent business owners and everyone in between. Everyone was given a chance to speak when the eagle feather was passed to him or her. There were moments of joy and moments that moved me to tears. I saw the humanity of the others and felt like I was part of the community; truly everyone is equal in the circle.

As a result of yesterday’s experience, my priorities have been broadened. I have been on a steep learning curve over the last few months. From my post about My Empty Canvass to my post about My Sign-less Campaign, every step has been a force for personal growth. No matter what happens on Monday I will be a better person because of it!

Another thing that I learned is to not be too hasty in my judgments. I have expressed that one of the best virtues a councilor may have is to be mindful. When I wrote that blog about not putting up signs; I was hasty in my judgment. Signs have their place and I should not have ridiculed everyone as I did. My supporters have urged me to be BOLD and make MYSELF into a sign, so that’s what I have done. You may have seen me today on the corner of 49th & 49th with my sign. 

I am thankful to everyone who has helped me along the way. I am thankful for building relationships with many of the other candidates. I am thankful for this opportunity to run for city council and the personal growth experience it has afforded me.

If I am elected to serve Red Deer on Monday I will do my best to stay engaged with the citizens, to learn new ideas, to bring the council together and to stay REAL. For me staying REAL means being humble, it means owning mistakes and learning from them. Also being REAL means building relationships.

I am sincerely grateful to have my name on the ballot and I ask for your support. Please vote for me on Monday.

Thank you,

Jonathan Wieler

My Campaign Expenses To Oct 19:

-$75 – (Rounded) 2500 Business Cards
-$125 – 6 Farmers Markets
-$500 – Estimated value for 5 videos produced for free by a friend.
-$200 – (Rounded) For 66 coffees with 66 concerned citizens.
-$5 – Sign (scrap lumber, glue, duct tape, poster board & construction paper).
-$32 – Facebook promotions

Donations Received


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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Accountability Is Not A Buzz Word

Hey everyone,

I am running for city council because I honestly believe that I can benefit this community. I have a positive vision for our future and I want to give back to the city that built me.

I value integrity and accountability and I am an honest man. When you shake my hand you know that you have my word. It is with a self-scrutinizing mindset that I make this public statement and hold myself accountable.

The other day in an enthusiastic effort to communicate my candidacy for city council, I tweeted a picture and I truly regret doing so. I intended to exercise my freedom of speech. I intended my actions to be no different than putting up signs or handing out pamphlets. I respect the rules that are in place to ensure the democratic process is fair.

I posted a picture of my name as it will appear and put it on social media. The picture did not show any information other than publicly known names. It cannot be misconstrued to be a ballot and used as a forgery. It does not reveal any information not already public knowledge.

Shortly afterwards I took the picture down and sought legal counsel. I have been informed by legal counsel that since my intent was not to replicate a ballot, trick people or in any way commit election fraud I am innocent of any wrong doing.

I was also informed by legal counsel that, since I have made every effort to retract the statement, I am not responsible if someone else chooses to continue to pass along screenshots of the tweet. Furthermore, I have been informed that if others continue to pass along a screenshot they may be themselves in breech of legislation and I am not responsible for their actions.

Going forward with this information I believe it is appropriate for me to continue my bid for election to city council. I hope that my honesty in this matter is an indication of my personal virtue. It is my commitment to everyone in the community that if and when I make a mistake I WILL own up to it and do everything in my power to make it right.

Thank you,

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Lets Have A Conversation #AskWieler

Hey everyone,

I am very interested in hearing from the people of Red Deer about the future of our city! I am thrilled that for the first time "Accountability" need not be a buzz word for politicians. Thanks to the tools of social media it is easy and practical for leaders to be connected to the community!

Please share your questions and ideas with me. I have set it so that anyone can post on my Facebook Page. On Twitter I encourage you to use the hashtag #AskWieler! My Twitter handle is @Wieler4RD.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

See my campaign page: www.jwreddeercitycouncil.ca

Friday, 4 October 2013

What I Learned From Grade 3s!

Hey Everyone,

Recently I had an awesome opportunity to engage a classroom full of grade 3 students; the teacher reached out to Ken Johnston and I over Twitter and invited us to teach her class about democracy! I am grateful to have collaborated with a fellow Red Deer City Council Candidate to do this!  

#RDVote Red Deer city council #RedDeerFirst
First I spoke about civic pride and about taking ownership of our city by respecting others and caring for our community. I asked the kids how we could do this and their response was very positive! They told me about not littering and not speeding. They told me about listening to teachers and caring for trees at the park. I am very impressed and I respect the job their teachers are doing!

Then Ken spoke about the city government and how it provides our water and electrical utilities. He was very engaging with the kids drew their attention to many examples of how the city provides for their quality of life. He taught them that city government contributes to their day-to-day lives directly in many ways and that voting is very important. I admire his ability to captivate the children!

After that, Ken and I handed out monopoly money for tax payments and began the election debate. Ken was for building new swings and I was for building new slides. We both felt that we knew the best way to invest the tax dollars and we took turns appealing to the students. We discussed safety, fun and convenience and we drew many smiles!

Halfway through the presentation a kid said that he didn’t want a slide or a swing but that he wanted a bouncy castle! It was then that I realized how important it is to listen and engage with the kids and not just assume that I know what they want. It is important to be mindful of how the issues are framed.

Though this was just a pretend election, it taught me that as a councilor I will have to make hard decisions that not everyone will support.

The results of the vote came in and there were 36 students who wanted new swings and 5 students who wanted new slides. Those 5 students paid the same amount of taxes as the rest. But we all agreed ahead of time to support the decision.

At the end of the class many interesting questions were asked. What does the mayor do? What happens when there is a draw? What happens if nobody turns out to vote? The kids were very excited to hear us answer their questions and I am glad to have been able to teach the kids about democracy. I hope Ken and I made a lasting impression on them.

The kids did, however, make an impression on me! I understand that the benefits of community investments aren’t always measured in dollars but are often measured in the general well being of the people. Fiscal responsibility must be coupled with the purpose of building community and planning for the future; there must be a bigger picture view!

I understand that there isn’t always a right and a wrong way. Even though the slide was more valuable to some and the swing was more valuable to others; sometimes the best solution isn’t what the majority wants. If there were no slides and there were already lots of swings it would have been better to build a slide. I can see how things are interconnected and I recognize the challenges of being an effective leader.
#RDVote Jonathan Wieler

I believe that the willingness and the ability to collaborate are paramount virtues of a city councilor. Ken and I best served the kids when we worked together to find the best solution. Though we each have different values and viewpoints we found a solution that worked. That’s effective leadership!

I am reminded of my favorite Winston Churchill quote, “democracy is the worst form of government except [for] all those other forms [of government]”.


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"By getting the kids involved in the democratic process and teaching them about civic pride I hope they will be inspired to take ownership of their city and be proud of it." - Jonathan Wieler

Monday, 30 September 2013

Sign-less Campaign: Red Deer Election

Hey everyone,

I am running for Red Deer City Council and would like to explain why I am not putting up signs! There are two reasons:

 1)   Signs are expensive and there are more cost effective ways to get the word out. 
 2)   I take my platform of Environmental Stewardship VERY seriously. In the age of social media and the Internet I don’t think it's necessary to have signs.

So, please check out my platform website. Then if you support me and want to help me win a seat on Red Deer City Council please help me by doing the following. 

1)   Please look for my content on social media then Retweet, Like and Share it!
2)   Please engage with me by commenting and asking questions on Facebook and Twitter!
3)   Please tell your friends and family why you are voting for me!
4)   Please introduce me to people so I can expand my network!
5)   Please publicly endorse me by saying why you are voting for me on Facebook and Twitter!
6)   Please invite your friends to like my Facebook Page!

7) Please VOTE for me Oct 21.

If you wish to donate to my campaign you can donate by clicking this link.

Donation proceeds will be used to promote Facebook Posts and pay for my coffee habit!

My Campaign Expenses To Oct 30:

-$75 – 2500 Business Cards
-$75 – 4 Farmers Markets
-$500 – Estimated value for 5 videos produced for free by a friend.
-$150 – For 51 coffees with 51 concerned citizens.

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Thank you,

Jonathan Wieler,
Candidate for Red Deer City Council,

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