Wednesday, 6 February 2013

25th Blood Donation!

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday was a momentous day! I finally reached 25 blood donations! I am 27 years old and have been donating since I was 17. I could have reached this point sooner but did some traveling and they make you wait a period of time if you go certain places.

Oh well I am pretty proud of this and have to brag. I now have a nice shiny pin to show off my accomplishment.

I remember my first donation and how I sat next to this old guy who was giving his 50th donation! I was impressed and became determined to do the same! From then on I have wanted a pin that says 50 on it! Some day I will!

I encourage everyone who can to donate blood, to donate blood! It really doesn’t hurt and doesn’t take that much time. You hear the commercials about how it saves lives but for some reason that doesn’t hit home with many people.

The truth is there is a limited supply of blood and when someone needs it they REALLY need it! My mother had several blood transfusions this summer when she got really sick. Thankfully there was enough blood for her! Could you imagine if your mother or someone you loved needed blood and the doctor told you there wasn’t enough?

So if you haven’t donated recently, what is holding you back? Go and do it! Please.

The blood clinic in Red Deer is located here. You can find out the schedule for donations here or simply call 1-888-2-donate (1-888-236-6283).

Do you donate blood? How many donations have you made?