Sunday, 17 March 2013

Kids Who Dont Eat Their Supper! What To Do?

Does threatening kids who don’t eat their supper that they will get nothing else work?

I continually have this problem. I cook a wonderful supper and what happens? They stick their noses up in the air and whine.

“I don’t like carrots.”
“I don’t want broccoli.”
“Its too spicy.”

Today while I was cooking supper all the kids were rooting around the kitchen and the pantry begging for food. I said wait until supper and chased them away from the fridge. Then I cooked a chicken stir-fry with a medley of vegetables and some rice. They ate the rice and didn’t touch anything else.

Another thought I just had. I let them put ketchup on their rice. I think that’s gross and I know there is lots of sugar in the ketchup. I suspect that it’s the sugar that they like. Everything they like to eat is loaded with sugar! Everything they don’t like to eat has minimal sugar. Should I just say no to the ketchup next time?

I don’t remember being so picky when I was a kid. I ate everything on my plate and came back for seconds. I mean I didn’t like mushrooms and onions but in general I ate everything my parents put in front of me. What am I doing wrong?

Suggestions anyone?

Maybe Ill just pull my hair out and jump off the balcony! :p


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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Truck For Sale

Hey Everyone,

I live in Red Deer and am selling my truck. I no longer need a heavy duty diesel truck. I babied my truck. All the oil changes and maintenance have been up to date. It is very clean. I will miss it.

Please share this blog via your social media and tell your friends about it.

I greatly appreciate the help!


-2010 F-350 XLT
-Alpine GPS Nav
-Hands free Bluetooth phone
-Tera Grapler Tires w/10,000kms (put on last fall).
-Power windows, air, tilt, cruise
-Satelite Radio
-Command Start (high end brand, long range)
-Backup sensor
-Power extending mirrors for hauling trailers, heated
-Tow equipped
-Plastic box liner
-Seat covers and rubber floor mats

I am motivated to sell and am willing to deliver.

I am asking $35,900.

Call: 403-352-4314
Twitter: @CityMotionRD


Friday, 15 March 2013

I Love Krystal

I am grateful for Krystal in my life. She is such an amazing woman I have to write about some of the things that I love about her and am especially thankful for.

Krystal is a wonderful mother. We have 4 kids and everything that she does is for them first. Even after a busy day at the studio she finds time to read to them before bed. Often she is the first to wake up and start them off for their day. She has patience to play all those kids games that hurt my brain so much; games like Candyland.

I am thankful that Krystal is such a smart business woman. It was her idea to start City Motion Fitness and it is her skills as a personal trainer that keeps it going. Krystal put everything together to start it up as well. She found the location. Figured out financing for all the equipment and negotiated the lease. Another business that Krystal started is Red Deer FirstAid Training. She is a certified First Aid instructor. I envy Krystal’s entrepreneurial skills and am grateful for her brilliance.

Another thing that I love about Krystal is her friendliness and compassion for others. She often volunteers at the soup kitchen in Red Deer. As well she teaches at Sunday school every week. I am sure she would be involved in 100 charities if she had the means. She doesn’t stop helping people because she genuinely cares!

Krystal is a very creative person. She makes crafts with the kids. She makes all the brochures for City Motion and Red Deer First Aid as well she does all the web design. Those are things that I am nowhere near patient enough to be able to do myself. When we started City Motion we didn’t know anything about web design but she was able to figure it all out! I am amazed with her abilities

Krystal is just an all around fun person and an awesome friend. I am so in love with her I don’t know what more to say! I am grateful to have her in my life and I look forward to being the best husband I can be for her. My primary goal is to make her happy and serve her in all things.

Krystal I love you!