Sunday, 17 March 2013

Kids Who Dont Eat Their Supper! What To Do?

Does threatening kids who don’t eat their supper that they will get nothing else work?

I continually have this problem. I cook a wonderful supper and what happens? They stick their noses up in the air and whine.

“I don’t like carrots.”
“I don’t want broccoli.”
“Its too spicy.”

Today while I was cooking supper all the kids were rooting around the kitchen and the pantry begging for food. I said wait until supper and chased them away from the fridge. Then I cooked a chicken stir-fry with a medley of vegetables and some rice. They ate the rice and didn’t touch anything else.

Another thought I just had. I let them put ketchup on their rice. I think that’s gross and I know there is lots of sugar in the ketchup. I suspect that it’s the sugar that they like. Everything they like to eat is loaded with sugar! Everything they don’t like to eat has minimal sugar. Should I just say no to the ketchup next time?

I don’t remember being so picky when I was a kid. I ate everything on my plate and came back for seconds. I mean I didn’t like mushrooms and onions but in general I ate everything my parents put in front of me. What am I doing wrong?

Suggestions anyone?

Maybe Ill just pull my hair out and jump off the balcony! :p


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