Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Growing Pumpkins WITH my Kids! Keyword WITH!

Hey everyone,

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
For me it was last week when I tried the Chrissy Workout for the first time (it’s now my favorite workout, See: Kettlebell Workshop); which occurred shortly after I swung a kettlebell for the first time. Thanks Tim Day. But upon more reflection I have realized that first time experiences are becoming more and more of a rarity as I get older. I am not filled with the sense of awe that I had as a child.

One source of new ‘first time doings’ for me is my relationship with my children. Often I have the opportunity to teach them new things and thats a new thing for me! If I am mindful about being a father I can teach my kids new stuff all the time. Although up until now I haven’t done a very good job. All too many times I get caught up in the business of the day and forget this.

My time spent with my family is hit and miss. Sometimes I teach my kids new things and spend quality time and other times I just get caught up in the taking the kids here or there and doing chores and rushing around. My actions for the most part are habits that require minimal mindful input.

I was reflecting the other day while washing dishes that I always do the plates first, then the bowls then all the other shaped things then the cutlery last. I probably reasoned this out once that it is an efficient way to pile the dishes together and ever since then have gone through the moves without thinking and without actually being there.

But now to the point.

I love growing things and one of my favorite things to grow is PUMPKINS! I have never been successful at growing pumpkins. But this year I have decided to give it another try. I have dreamt about all the steps and have planned all the things I want to do. I have read books and watched YouTube videos about growing techniques. I have talked to old people who know. I am ready to try again.
So after buying the seeds and standing ready to open the package, I paused. I had a sudden inspiration. I should include my kids in this whole thing.

What a face-palm moment.

Something like that should be so obvious! But until now I hadn’t even thought about it. So I called my kids over and let them open the package of seeds and I proceeded to teach them something new. That was the first time I had taught someone about starting plants from seeds.

Then I learned something new as well. My kids love doing things with me. It doesn’t matter what we are doing either! The menial task of soaking a seed in water overnight then planting it in a cup of dirt was really exciting for them. They were captivated when I explained to them how the seed will sprout and then we will plant them outside; and how they will grow and bear pumpkins eventually.

Then I realized that I have the power to give them first time experiences. I can put whatever I want in front of their malleable little minds and they will just absorb it.

Well, I better do a damn good job. There is a lot riding on this.
Going forward I am going to be more mindful about what I do with my kids and all the wasted moments when I could have taught them new things.
Suggestions please?
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