Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Trip To India

I am not sure if I believe in fate. There is the practical side of me that lives in this world; lets call it the left side, which acts as though I believe in fate. Then there is the right side; that strong philosopher side of me that is seated firmly in an armchair on another planet and who is most assuredly undecided. The right is indeed adjacent to the left and is right, by the way. No play on words.

Often I put myself in front of new opportunities. I mindfully remove myself from my normal routine and observe. Last week I was taking a safety course in Edmonton and found myself in a situation just like that. Being in a room full of strangers I gazed about and observed at all the faces.

At this point I could derail the subject of this blog and talk about how prejudices are meaningful both positively and negatively; for, as I bemused myself in the quiet moment of noise and the swirl of faces about me; I pre-judged a man. I noticed his travelers beard and his nomadic attire. I recognized that he was doing exactly what I was doing; letting fate resound. A relationship was formed in an instant of eye contact.

Was I supposed to meet this man? In hindsight everything seems as though there was no other way. But the right side of me objects; “alas, we live in a world of possibilities!” Before I actually met this man there was uncertainty. How would events unfold? Would a relationship form?

Is uncertainty an indicator of non-causality? If so does that imply that free will is possible after all? Or is uncertainty just the result of our feeble minds, feeble knowledge and feeble senses? I don’t know. Something to ponder the next time I go fishing.

So as things happened I became acquainted with this man. His name is Mike and I was right he is a seasoned traveler and a mindful fellow; my favorite. The course recessed for lunch and Mike and I went on a journey together to the grocery store across the street. Just like travelers we bought what we would eat. I felt like I was in another country when walking beside him!

After the course we met up for coffee in a wonderful cafĂ© named The Wild Earth Bakery (Tweet @WildEarthBakery). If you haven’t checked them out yet you should. I have nothing but good to say about them. I am especially impressed that they dont have wifi. The world is noisy enough and people need to focus on the person they are having coffee with not the person on Facebook. Put your phones and computers away and make eye contact!

Over coffee I found that I was sharing myself with him. It is as though my empathy for him was a reflection of myself. I saw all the things in him that I most wanted in myself, such as his peace of mind, his genuine curiosity and his simple spirituality.

Mike told me that relationships are a measurement of spiritual progress. This ties into what I learned about the concept of “person centered” from another friend of mine +Justin Hubert. Focus on the person right in front of you. Don’t try to focus on anymore than one at a time because you cant. Center that person and build a relationship with them. I don’t know yet how to describe how it feels to do this but it is amazing. Read Justin's Blog. Tweet @JustinHubert

After coffee Mike and I went to India. 

We boarded his 2006 Volkswagen (which painfully reminded me of my old car) and flew to Spice Grill just off Whyte Ave. That restaurant was lifted straight out of Delhi and air-dropped into Edmonton. The food is authentic (so I have been told) and the owners are genuine. Mike was a friend with everyone in there. He knew them by name and could speak to them in their language.

We dined on curry and nan and carried on our insightful conversations. I hope to someday join him for real in India and share another bread dipping meal. He will soon own a boarding house in Varanasi so it’s a very real possibility that I may come by for a visit.

“If I can carry it in my mind I can carry it in my hand.” – Bob Proctor


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