Friday, 3 May 2013

I Fixed My MacBook Twice!

Hey everyone,

So I am very proud of myself and have to brag a little bit. Twice now I have fixed my MacBook all by myself! I am not talking about a mere software fix or virus removal; Macs don’t have those problems. But, on occasion, Macs will stop working if you drop a TV on them or leave them in -30C overnight. I did both and two times now I have fixed everything.

That’s right Mr.Brain and Mr.Bronze both come with this guy!

So the first time here’s what happened. I was taking a TV down that was mounted on wall brackets so I could plug a PlayStation into it. Well the entire thing slipped and landed on my MacBook screen smashing both TV and poor MacBook. The TV was a right off but I was determined to fix the computer.

So I went on YouTube and watched videos how to fix the screen and learned everything I needed to know. The parts were about $100 and I did the installation myself! It was simple. I removed the glass with a credit card and a heat gun. Pulled out the broken parts and replaced everything.

After that everything worked fine until I carelessly left it overnight in my truck. This was during our last real good cold snap of the year and it was at least -30C. Well the computer started acting like a Sloth after smoking an entire bowl! Then finally it just froze and when I tried to restart, it didn’t turn back on.

So I took it to London Drugs in Red Deer and they determined that it was the hard drive; which was alarming because I hadn’t backed up my data. They told me that it was a lost cause unless I was willing to pay $2500 and send the hard drive to a lab in the USA. I felt like I had just been punched in the stomach.

So back to the YouTubes I went and after a few videos I learned how to make a Ubuntu Linux boot DVD and boot the computer without using the HD. Then I was able to backup all the data onto an external HD even though the main one was corrupted! Ubuntu Linux is an alternative operating system to Windows or Mac OSX. It is pretty cool but way too advanced for me. I’ll just stick with OSX.

After that I smugly took this information to the tech at London Drugs and said “Hey look! I found out how to backup data on a corrupted HD!” He looked me square in the eyes and told me that he knew how to do this but that he wasn’t allowed to do it because of some the policy rules!

My mouth dropped! “Really! You cant help a customer even though you know there is a solution better than sending it away for $2500!”


If you have a corrupted HD come to me and I will give you the info for free!

After I backed up my data I put a new HD in. Which is as simple as unscrewing the bottom, unplugging the old one and plugging in the new one. Then I obtained a copy of Mac OSX and installed it. Then I put the backed up files onto my new computer!

VoilĂ ! Me so smart!

Lesson learned from all this? Be like Jesus and save! Backup your data often.

Have you ever had a corrupted HD and lost data?

Have you ever attempted to fix your computer by yourself and failed miserably?

Have you ever had to replace the screen on a MacBook?

If yes to any of the above contact me and I will help you.


Special thanks to @meier_j on twitter. Jeff fixes PCs but was a big help and encouragement. Give him a follow and go to him if you have PC problems and live in Red Deer!

By the way I am selling my truck. See the blog post I wrote about it here. It needs to go. If you know anyone who is in the truck market please tell them about it. Thanks!