Thursday, 18 July 2013

5 Things To Get More Sleep

Hey everyone,

Today I was thinking about the things I need to survive and I put them on a scale of urgency. Air is obviously is the most urgent thing I need to survive. I can only live for a few minutes without it. Then comes water at possibly surviving a few days without. Then sleep is the next urgent as I can probably survive a week or so without it (if being a usless human being counts as being surviving. Then food, I have been told, isn’t absolutely necessary for survival for several weeks.

The surprising thing for me is that sleep is on that list. I came to this realization recently after hearing something about a sleep study on tv. (Unfortunately I am unable to find the study). But apparently sleep disorders are chronic in society and contribute to many problems like weight gain, depression and a whole bunch of diseases like cancer and heart disease. (It seems like everything causes those things.)

So, since sleep is so important to overall health and since I am a health nut of sorts; owning a fitness studio and all; I have decided I am going to start taking some easy steps to get more sleep.

1)  Phone goes into airplane mode at 9:30pm. I am setting the alarm to ring at 9 so I have some time to finish all my social-media-time-wasting.

2)   Since I can’t sleep if I am hot and sweaty I am going to try taking a cold shower before bed.

3)   I am going to try to actively clear my mind BEFORE laying down. So many thoughts spiral around at bedtime its amazing I fall asleep at all!

4)   I am not going to eat any high glycemic foods before bed. Actually I am going to avoid eating anything before bed.

5)   I am going to wake up at the same time every morning. As much as I love to sleep in it really messes up my sleep cycles.

If you follow me on twitter @CityMotionRD you may have seen my tweets about turning my phone off at 9:30 so this wont be news to you. But if you haven’t this is why I don’t respond past that time ANYMORE! This also goes for any computer time, tv watching or other distracting electronic stuff. The vice of staying up late and poking around on social media is causing me to loose sleep. I am chronically tired and get bouts of anxiety that I know are because I don’t sleep enough.

So here goes!

What are your thoughts?

What do you do to get more sleep?

What do you think about #2 "cold showers"?


The other day Krystal invited her mom and sister over and we were all sitting in the living room and I just fell asleep in my easy chair. So I am hoping that getting more sleep will curb my afternoon drowsiness and give me more energy. Its really bad PR to the in-laws when I just pass out in front of them!