Monday, 15 July 2013

Why I Wash My Dishes By HAND!

Hey Everyone,

We all have the same problem. Dishes pile up everyday! It never ends! But while most modern people use their dishwashing machines I prefer not to! Let me tell you why; but first let me tell you about the connection between dishwashing machines and feminism.

You see dishwashing machines and many other appliances like washing machines and electric ovens, have freed up time for women! It wasn’t that long ago when women did all the cooking and cleaning! Those household tasks along with the other stereotypical gender roles would consume a woman’s entire day, week and life! I am aware of how these machines have brought women out of subservient roles and more in line with equality in society. But feminism isn’t what I am here to talk about.

I am a family man with 4 kids. I have a full time job and my better half Krystal is the president of City Motion Fitness in Red Deer. Our family is probably no different from any other in that we pile up dishes to the ceiling every day! But why do I prefer to wash them by hand? My habit in the kitchen is to clean as I cook. Why run the dishwasher for items that I can quickly rinse clean? My philosophy is to leave the kitchen cleaner when I am done cooking than when I started. Often I will have all the dishes done right around the time that supper is served.

Here are 4 reasons I prefer to wash dishes by hand:

1) My dishwashing machine is noisy and I hate listening to it when I just want to relax. My house is already Zen-Free thanks to kids shouting and slamming doors; I don’t need to add to the disarray. I can get my dishes done in half the time with no noise! Unless I crank the stereo…which I have been known to do!

2) Next, I am mindful of energy consumption. I live in Alberta and somewhere there is a coal burning plant just puking out the smoke so I can live the modern life. For this reason I don’t leave any appliances on and I turn off the lights when I am not in the room. I could write a 10 page post sustainability. But suffice it to say that dishwashers use a lot of energy. By choosing to wash by hand I am lowering my carbon footprint.

3) Another reason is I actually get my dishes clean! I have a brand new Whirrlpool dishwasher and it never fails to leave a few dishes dirty. So rather than upping the mode from light to heavy I just grab a scrub pad and in no time my man hands have done the job that a coal powered chemical squirting noise machine couldn’t do in an hour!

4) Finally I mindfully seek discomfort to enhance my gratitude in life. Think about it. Do you get all flustered when there is a slight discomfort in your life? We rush and rush and demand all material pleasures right here right now. For me dishwashing by hand slows down my life. It makes me more aware of all the wonderful things in my life and I am grateful! Also I hope that I am setting an example for my kids to not be selfish and inpatient. For more conversation I recommend reading Dan Ouwehand's Post titled "First World Problems, and the Spoiled Rich Kids Who Have Them: Us."

These are the reasons that make me a dishwashing by hand believer. What are your reasons for either side?


I remember when I first met krystal. She was a single mom with two boys and a full time job and she didn’t have a dishwasher! I would come over to her house and clean her dishes for her. She often was amazed that I could clean them all so fast! My man hands are perfect for rapid and thorough dishwashing!