Friday, 30 August 2013

Caring Ripples Through Red Deer

Hey everyone,

Today on Facebook I saw this photo from the Red Deer Foodbank Fan Page

Lately, I have been thinking about the messages that I communicate into my environment and the messages that my environment communicates back to me.

That photo communicated to me that someone in Red Deer cares! There are so many inferences that can follow from that! I imagine someone who knows what it’s like having kids. I imagine someone who is compassionate about people less fortunate. I imagine someone who is selfless and generous who went out of their way make this much-needed donation. I imagine that my community is full of people like this and it inspires me to do the same!

That one person caused a ripple in the pond of our community! Even though I don’t know who they are they have changed me. The anonymous donation directly helped a few people and that picture sent a message of gratitude that will indirectly help many more! I choose to pass the message of gratitude on and keep the ripple going!

The consequences of my actions are impossible to guess. There are too many variables. But I know that everything I do influences others around me. This is why I don’t litter, I listen attentively listen to people in my presence; this is why I frame my thoughts positively and I always say thank you!

Of course this is part of the broken window theory and since I am running for city council this Oct 21. this ties into my views on community and government.

The best tool that the city has to lower crime, create a more suitable business environment, build community and improve quality of life is to design spaces that communicate positive messages to the people who live in them. I’ve outlined my thoughts on these ideas more specifically in my platform concepts SustainableGrowth and Economic Prosperity.

So that’s the role government should play in our community and in much the same way that’s the role I as an individual, should play in my community.

The other day I tweeted:

Goal setting on paper is a way I change my environment so that it communicates my goals back to me and keeps me visualizing them.

I also tweeted:
Setting out my workout clothes the night before is another way I change my environment. When I walk past them the next day my mind will be drawn back to the visualization of me working out and being healthy.

In those ways I can change my environment to communicate messages back to me and start to change myself. I can do the same thing for other people in some surprisingly simple ways.

Saying thank you is very powerful! I highly recommend you listen to Derek Halpurn's video blog about the power of saying thank you. Say thank you all day long! Say it to everyone including yourself!

Taking small steps towards a big goal is easier than taking a giant leap. For so long I have been trying to take giant leaps and I have always fallen short. But I keep getting back up and I keep trying again. I don’t know all the steps I must take but I know the direction I want to head in and I have faith that I can do it.


Please consider voting for me this Oct 21 for Red Deer City Council.
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Thank You!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

My Empty Canvass

Hey everyone,

I have an empty canvass, some new paintbrushes and a whole bunch of unopened bottles of paint sitting in my office. They were a gift from my lovely finance Krystal. She knows that I want to learn to paint so she surprised me with the present a few weeks ago.

So I have this canvass and all the supplies I need to paint. I have the idea of what I want to paint (an open hand with the words “What can I do for you?”). But I am scared to start painting!

I don’t want to ruin it! I want it to be perfect on the first try.

It is only by writing these words that I now have the clarity of mind to see the problem with my expectation.

I have only painted a handful of times in my life. I have never had formal training. So of course I am going to ruin the canvass.

Or am I?

Does the way I frame those thoughts define my underlying presuppositions?

Am I being negative by saying “only” and “never”, and therefore ensuring that the end result of my painting endeavour will be less than perfect?

Could it be that it will turn out exactly the way it is supposed to turn out because I have already framed my perception before the fact?

A wise man once told me to define perfection as a state of completion. So with that consideration whenever I say that I have completed the painting it will, therefore, be perfect!

I am going to paint that hand!

Then I am going to hang in up for people to see!

Or at least for me to see; so I will be mindful of my presuppositions and prejudices. Every time I will look at that painting I will stop and consider how I am framing the questions du jour.

This painting will be a tool for me to be a sensible community leader both through my business City Motion and my role as Red Deer City Councillor, if elected.

I hope to gain your trust and support in my election campaign efforts. 

Please check out my Campaign Webpage and share it with everyone.

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Thank you for reading.


By the way, I have been asked how my science experiment is going. I planted 6 beans but only 4 have grown into plants. I have replanted the other 2 plants 3 times! I can’t figure it out. Why wont they grow? The seeds keep rotting. Maybe there is something in the soil? But I used the same soil for all plants. I will get this situation figured out and complete the experiment, but maybe not on time.

Maybe I should microwave the soil to kill whatever it is that is killing my seeds? Just Kidding…

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Red Deer Election Forum

Hey everyone,

I am announcing my candidacy for Red Deer City Council! I hope to earn your support. Please vote for me Oct 21 2013. 

Please check out my website (

I want to have a conversation with you. I need to hear what you have to say about the future of Red Deer. I want to talk to you about your ideas to make our vibrant city an even better place to call home.

Consider my platform concepts:

Economic Prosperity – What makes our city thrive?
Sustainable Growth – Why is it vital to balance rebuilding with new development?
Fiscal Responsibility – How should taxing, borrowing and spending be balanced?
Environmental Stewardship – How can we make Red Deer more eco-friendly?
Community Building – What brings us together and how can that be cultivated?
Social Responsibility – How can we inspire a people centered approach?

I will be hosting an election forum at my studio downtown (City Motion), (Located Here), on Aug 17 from 7-9pm. Please attend so we can talk about issues that are important to you. 

The forum isn’t so much for me to make a bold speech as it is for you to be heard. I want to hear your ideas and discuss the future of Red Deer. Also I want to show you that I am a strong leader and that I will benefit our city!

I know that everyone has valuable suggestions. So here is your chance. Please attend and be heard.

Please sign up for the Facebook event by clicking this link.

Also please like my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter @Wieler4RD.