Sunday, 11 August 2013

My Empty Canvass

Hey everyone,

I have an empty canvass, some new paintbrushes and a whole bunch of unopened bottles of paint sitting in my office. They were a gift from my lovely finance Krystal. She knows that I want to learn to paint so she surprised me with the present a few weeks ago.

So I have this canvass and all the supplies I need to paint. I have the idea of what I want to paint (an open hand with the words “What can I do for you?”). But I am scared to start painting!

I don’t want to ruin it! I want it to be perfect on the first try.

It is only by writing these words that I now have the clarity of mind to see the problem with my expectation.

I have only painted a handful of times in my life. I have never had formal training. So of course I am going to ruin the canvass.

Or am I?

Does the way I frame those thoughts define my underlying presuppositions?

Am I being negative by saying “only” and “never”, and therefore ensuring that the end result of my painting endeavour will be less than perfect?

Could it be that it will turn out exactly the way it is supposed to turn out because I have already framed my perception before the fact?

A wise man once told me to define perfection as a state of completion. So with that consideration whenever I say that I have completed the painting it will, therefore, be perfect!

I am going to paint that hand!

Then I am going to hang in up for people to see!

Or at least for me to see; so I will be mindful of my presuppositions and prejudices. Every time I will look at that painting I will stop and consider how I am framing the questions du jour.

This painting will be a tool for me to be a sensible community leader both through my business City Motion and my role as Red Deer City Councillor, if elected.

I hope to gain your trust and support in my election campaign efforts. 

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Thank you for reading.


By the way, I have been asked how my science experiment is going. I planted 6 beans but only 4 have grown into plants. I have replanted the other 2 plants 3 times! I can’t figure it out. Why wont they grow? The seeds keep rotting. Maybe there is something in the soil? But I used the same soil for all plants. I will get this situation figured out and complete the experiment, but maybe not on time.

Maybe I should microwave the soil to kill whatever it is that is killing my seeds? Just Kidding…

Stay tuned.