Monday, 30 September 2013

Sign-less Campaign: Red Deer Election

Hey everyone,

I am running for Red Deer City Council and would like to explain why I am not putting up signs! There are two reasons:

 1)   Signs are expensive and there are more cost effective ways to get the word out. 
 2)   I take my platform of Environmental Stewardship VERY seriously. In the age of social media and the Internet I don’t think it's necessary to have signs.

So, please check out my platform website. Then if you support me and want to help me win a seat on Red Deer City Council please help me by doing the following. 

1)   Please look for my content on social media then Retweet, Like and Share it!
2)   Please engage with me by commenting and asking questions on Facebook and Twitter!
3)   Please tell your friends and family why you are voting for me!
4)   Please introduce me to people so I can expand my network!
5)   Please publicly endorse me by saying why you are voting for me on Facebook and Twitter!
6)   Please invite your friends to like my Facebook Page!

7) Please VOTE for me Oct 21.

If you wish to donate to my campaign you can donate by clicking this link.

Donation proceeds will be used to promote Facebook Posts and pay for my coffee habit!

My Campaign Expenses To Oct 30:

-$75 – 2500 Business Cards
-$75 – 4 Farmers Markets
-$500 – Estimated value for 5 videos produced for free by a friend.
-$150 – For 51 coffees with 51 concerned citizens.

Please see my campaign website.
Please follow me on Twitter.
Please follow me on Facebook.
Please follow me on Google+
Please see me on YouTube.

Thank you,

Jonathan Wieler,
Candidate for Red Deer City Council,

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