Thursday, 10 October 2013

Accountability Is Not A Buzz Word

Hey everyone,

I am running for city council because I honestly believe that I can benefit this community. I have a positive vision for our future and I want to give back to the city that built me.

I value integrity and accountability and I am an honest man. When you shake my hand you know that you have my word. It is with a self-scrutinizing mindset that I make this public statement and hold myself accountable.

The other day in an enthusiastic effort to communicate my candidacy for city council, I tweeted a picture and I truly regret doing so. I intended to exercise my freedom of speech. I intended my actions to be no different than putting up signs or handing out pamphlets. I respect the rules that are in place to ensure the democratic process is fair.

I posted a picture of my name as it will appear and put it on social media. The picture did not show any information other than publicly known names. It cannot be misconstrued to be a ballot and used as a forgery. It does not reveal any information not already public knowledge.

Shortly afterwards I took the picture down and sought legal counsel. I have been informed by legal counsel that since my intent was not to replicate a ballot, trick people or in any way commit election fraud I am innocent of any wrong doing.

I was also informed by legal counsel that, since I have made every effort to retract the statement, I am not responsible if someone else chooses to continue to pass along screenshots of the tweet. Furthermore, I have been informed that if others continue to pass along a screenshot they may be themselves in breech of legislation and I am not responsible for their actions.

Going forward with this information I believe it is appropriate for me to continue my bid for election to city council. I hope that my honesty in this matter is an indication of my personal virtue. It is my commitment to everyone in the community that if and when I make a mistake I WILL own up to it and do everything in my power to make it right.

Thank you,