Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hello City First Aid Training!

Hey everyone,

Even though I didn't win a seat on Red Deer City Council my campaign has been a HUGE SUCCESS! The relationships I have made and the life experience that I have gained has made it well worth the while!

People ask me if I intend to run again and I honestly don't know because 4 years is a long time. I am, however, inspired to commit myself 100% to being involved in the community. The experience of running for council has built up many of my virtues and talents. I am creative, mindful and a natural public speaker; and I will be looking for ways to use those talents to benefit others around me. 

On another note and to the title of this blog; Krystal and I have decided to put City Motion Fitness on the back burner and focus on First Aid Training. Our passion is health and fitness and we are still committed to those ideals however we have to make our business succeed and must make calculated decisions. So hello City First Aid!

Please support Krystal and I by telling your friends and family about City First Aid. We offer standard first aid training and are certified through the Red Cross. Everyone from dentists to rig hands to school bus drivers may benefit from our quality first aid training! If you need it for your job or if you just want to be prepared for an emergency please come to us! Also we have the best prices in town!

Finally you may have noticed some changes to my social media profiles. I have decided to keep my Facebook Page that I used for my campaign. It will be a tool for me to maintain relationships with my supporters and build more meaningful connections in the community. Also I will be using my twitter handle @Wieler4RD to the same end.

So there are many ways to keep in touch with me; but my favourite is coffee! Hint! Hint! Wink! Wink!


Jonathan Wieler

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