Saturday, 19 October 2013

Taking Sunday Off - Red Deer Election

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I had a fantastic experience and it was the perfect way to end my election campaign. All of the candidates and I were invited to a sharing circle by the Native Friendship Society. We were asked to speak our truth and share how we felt. It was an eye opening experience.

There were some notable absentees but most of the candidates attended. Also present were a very diverse group of community members; from street people to affluent business owners and everyone in between. Everyone was given a chance to speak when the eagle feather was passed to him or her. There were moments of joy and moments that moved me to tears. I saw the humanity of the others and felt like I was part of the community; truly everyone is equal in the circle.

As a result of yesterday’s experience, my priorities have been broadened. I have been on a steep learning curve over the last few months. From my post about My Empty Canvass to my post about My Sign-less Campaign, every step has been a force for personal growth. No matter what happens on Monday I will be a better person because of it!

Another thing that I learned is to not be too hasty in my judgments. I have expressed that one of the best virtues a councilor may have is to be mindful. When I wrote that blog about not putting up signs; I was hasty in my judgment. Signs have their place and I should not have ridiculed everyone as I did. My supporters have urged me to be BOLD and make MYSELF into a sign, so that’s what I have done. You may have seen me today on the corner of 49th & 49th with my sign. 

I am thankful to everyone who has helped me along the way. I am thankful for building relationships with many of the other candidates. I am thankful for this opportunity to run for city council and the personal growth experience it has afforded me.

If I am elected to serve Red Deer on Monday I will do my best to stay engaged with the citizens, to learn new ideas, to bring the council together and to stay REAL. For me staying REAL means being humble, it means owning mistakes and learning from them. Also being REAL means building relationships.

I am sincerely grateful to have my name on the ballot and I ask for your support. Please vote for me on Monday.

Thank you,

Jonathan Wieler

My Campaign Expenses To Oct 19:

-$75 – (Rounded) 2500 Business Cards
-$125 – 6 Farmers Markets
-$500 – Estimated value for 5 videos produced for free by a friend.
-$200 – (Rounded) For 66 coffees with 66 concerned citizens.
-$5 – Sign (scrap lumber, glue, duct tape, poster board & construction paper).
-$32 – Facebook promotions

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