Saturday, 2 November 2013

Facebook vs. Twitter

Hey everyone,

I've been reflecting on my experiences with social media and have a few thoughts to share with you.

First let me tell you about my history on social media. Three years ago I deleted my Facebook account and got off of social media all together because I was overwhelmed.

For 2 years I was anti social media and deep down inside I still am (LOL!). I dream about the day when I can throw my phone away and be "eu naturel"! In the meantime, I recognize the need to form good social media habits and to actually be social in real life (see Blog: Is Social Media Really Social?); but that is another story.

About a year ago started blogging and using Twitter because I wanted to grow my business. It has been a great experience for me. I started meeting new people and building new relationships! I started building my personal brand! I became more connected to people and more involved in the community!

I however was very reluctant to get back onto Facebook and here's why. I identify 2 fundamental differences between Facebook and Twitter. First the direction of relationship building and second the profundity of the connections to the community.

Facebook serves people who already know each other and have already met in real life. Don't try adding "strangers" because they will get "creeped out". In fact if you add too many people at once Facebook blocks you! I admit that this serves a purpose and that a lot of people probably like that. But I think its weird how people imagine they have privacy when they post to social media. As if strangers can't see your Facebook posts?!?!

Twitter on the other hand embraces the expanse of potential connections and reverses the direction of relationship building; instead of having to meet people in real life first, you can meet them on Twitter and then build a relationship from there! That is perfectly normal on Twitter! On Twitter almost everyone you meet will be a stranger.

Being on Twitter is like standing on a busy sidewalk and having chance encounters with people who walk by; those chance encounters often turn into friendships! So, in that way, Twitter connects you to the community is a much more profound way! (How to use Twitter Wiki.)

In other news this week; my fiancĂ© Krystal is now on twitter (@FitMomRD). But she'll need YOUR help! Please give her a follow and engage with her to encourage her to embrace Twitter more! Its taken me a year to get her to sign up! I hope she doesn't stop using Twitter because the learning curve for Twitter is too much of an obstacle.

I liken the obstacle to the keyboard which was invented for typewriters and because of tradition is now on all our smartphones. Rather than reinventing the design to better suit the new application it was carried forward with all its inefficiencies. So too is Facebook vs. Twitter; except that Twitter reinvented the design to better suit the new application.

(BTW G+ takes the best of Facebook and Twitter and again reinvents the design; jarring Twitter and Facebook users alike! I however predict that eventually G+ will catch on... but who knows when; the learning curve is really steep).

Anyhoo; now that I have alienated all my Facebook friends (:p) and pandered to my Tweeps I'll end by saying that this is all just my opinion and that I value your input.

What do you think about Facebook vs. Twitter? Which do you prefer? Why?



Shameless Plug One! Thank you Jo(e) Ideas For Business for learning me the ropes on Twitter! You guys ROCK! (Twitter / Facebook).

Shameless Plug Two! Thank you @ReactionMike for telling me about MixBit. I've had a lot of fun with it!

One More Thing! Twitter is a conversation, don't just broadcast... especially if your a business. You have to actually engage!

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