Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Kids Love When It Snows!

Hey Everyone,

My kids want a PS4 and I've decided to teach them about making and saving money. They love it when it snows because I taught them to go out and shovel sidewalks. I'm extremely proud of them! They're working together to earn and save money. They have the discipline not to squander it on candy. Yesterday they even voted unanimously NOT to go to a movie and spend $50!

When I first took my kids out shovelling some people would answer the door and see me standing with these kids and they would scoff as if I was making my kids my little slaves or something. So instead of standing right at the door I started standing back by the road. Still, there were sneering looks as people poked their noses out and saw me.

Sadly, I've realized that I'm bad for business. People don't hire them when I am standing near by.

On their own my kids have made up to $60 in a few hours of working! Other times they have been out and barely cleared $5. But so far they have over $200 saved for their PS4; which is $399.

I feel the lesson I am teaching them is extremely valuable. They know how to earn money and save! They know that it takes discipline to not squander their hard earned money.

But as for those sneering people. I have to ask. Would you rather I just hand my kids all the stuff they want? Would it be better to let them sit at home and just see new shinny things magically appear in front of them? If you say "no" then why do you glare at me like I'm a bad parent?

I believe kids should play in the mud and snow. I believe kids should learn to work and be productive and learn about money. I believe its good when kids scrape their knees and get a little cold because it toughens them up for real life. As Corb Lund says; "it ain't no picnic".

If they want to sit in front of a TV and play games; I believe I'm being a responsible parent by balancing that with good'ol outdoor activity and some hard work. Then maybe when they grow up they'll respect money and work hard and be honest people.

By the way my kids are 3 (girl), 8(boy), 8(girl) and 10(boy). I have taught them how to shovel properly and they do a good job. They follow my lead and the time they spend with me is like playing. Thats how they learn.

BTW the boys mostly do the work and the girls watch and smile, not sure about that life lesson LOL.

I plan to teach them how to use the lawn mower and in a few years they can take it around too (maybe when the oldest is 13-14). Other ideas I've given them to make money is to pick bottles and cans and walk dogs. Do you have any other ideas?

What are your thoughts on teaching kids to work?
What are your thoughts on kids playing in the mud and scraping their knees?


BTW; I've been away from blogging and social media for a while. After the election I was worn out with it all. I will slowly come back. I look forward to hearing from you.

Also yesterday I wanted a haircut but my favourite hair cutter man has moved to another planet! So I tried doing it myself. Now I don't have any hair. :( My mother does'nt know yet! Shhhhhhh...