Tuesday, 25 March 2014

In Passing

Hey everyone,

Firstly I'd like to thank MGM Ford here in Red Deer for fixing my vehicle and lending me such a sweet courtesy vehicle. Their strategy is working! I want one. This vehicle is sweet! I love the Ford Fusion. There are plenty of sweet features and it makes me feel cool.

As I was driving around in this shiny car going through the gears and playing with the features, I was brought back to earth...

I stopped at a red light and had a personal growth moment.

As I sat and waited an old man started to cross in front of me. He had a walker and was hunched over. He shuffled as quickly as he could go so he could make it across before the light turned. In the middle of the road he briefly stopped to hike up his pants because he was moving so fast.

I sat motionless in this fancy car and was overtaken by a feeling that I don't get too often. I cant quite describe it but it was like when I was wearing a fancy suit during the election and walked passed some homeless people on my way to the chamber of commerce event at the top of the Stantec Tower. I felt like my world zoomed way out into space and I was just an infinitesimally small speck.

I talk about gratitude and helping people and all that but many times I get caught up in myself and forget the world.

Seeing that man made me realize that its not about what car I drive or what status I have in life. Its about what I do; or from another perspective it could be about what I don't do.

The impression that Amanda Lindhout made on me when I heard her speak a few weeks ago in Sylvan lake is wearing off. She spoke about gratitude, forgiveness and kindness. I need to renew myself and let the seed that she planted in my mind grow.

With that said I highly recommend Amanda's book A House In The Sky. Check it out.


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