Sunday, 16 November 2014


Hey everyone,

I am finally writing again. It has been a while. My last blog was way back in March. Much has happened since then. To get started blogging again I will make this post more like a second introduction. I will leave my previous posts up, but consider this post a strategic pivot. From here on in I have much more resolve and much more focus.

This blog post has 3 parts and I promise my loyal readers that I will weave them all together in the grander tapestry of future blog posts. While this blog is very much about myself; it is also about my family, my friends and my community. This post is just a teaser of what is to come; I have made extensive notes about the things I have learned over the last year and I have SO much to blog about!

Part One: Stories

Krystal and I have been busy getting our safety training business up and running. We have been on a steep learning curve and we are rising everyday to the challenge!

My macbook, which I fixed 3 times and boasted about in a previous post, was stolen; it was taken right out of my classroom by a student of mine! So I have went the last 4-5 months without a computer. Instead of buying macbook again I bought a chromebook. I will update you on how that more in the future.

I finally fenced my back yard in so my dog can now run free! Not a minute too late either! The day I put up the last fence post was the first snow day this winter! I was outside screwing on boards in -20C!

I fell off the bandwagon with fitness, I need inspiration to get back on! HELP!

Stay tuned this summer I have grand plans for my front and back yard and I will be blogging/youtubing about it! One word "Permaculture". OK perhaps another two words as well, "Urban Farming". Call me crazy...

Part Two: Mindfulness

This blog is a tool. It is an innovation pipeline so to speak. It helps me connect people to ideas. If you know me then you know that I am about handshakes and collaboration. In this blog I will write about topics that I am passionate about. Such as increasing homeFULLness in our community. Such as sustainability through urban design. Such as "tribal leadership" and inspiring ways to make life a story worth telling.

When it comes to increasing homeFULLness in our community my goal is to be part of a solution that humanizes street involved people and builds relationships. The real wealth of our community isn't just our dollars and our stuff but our PEOPLE!

When it comes to sustainability, both economic and environmental, my goal is to reduce controversy and increase collaboration. We need everyone at the table. Sustainability not just a moral dilemma or a political dilemma or a philanthropic cause but it is an innovation and design challenge.

When it comes to "tribal leadership" concepts that are relevant to me are being grateful and dreaming BIG. If you think something good about someone, TELL THEM! If your dreams don't scare you then they're not BIG enough!

Part 3: Myself

There are 3 words that I choose to describe myself with.

Curious - I am insatiably curious and this leads to a constant effort to broaden my perspective and be in a constant state of learning.

Personal - I am about handshakes and collaboration. As a family man I strive to be a better parent and spouse. As a friend I seek to give more than I take. As a businessman I seek to be fair to all concerned and enhance value as much as possible.

BOLD - I am motivated to bring about the best in others. I am authentic. I welcome criticism. I don't require permission to think differently.

When it comes to the narrow scope of the traditional political spectrum, I am confused where I fit on it. I have been accused of being a liberal and of being a libertarian. What do you call someone who takes the best from all sides of the argument? Whatever that is call me that! 

This blog IS political. I am VERY interested in municipal politics. I was a candidate for city council in the last election. It was a time of personal growth and expanding mindfulness for me. A question which focuses my thoughts on the issues is "how can we prepare the city for the next 50 years not just the next election?" I will continue in that regard.

Thank you,

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"Leadership is about finding the seeds of hope and nurturing them into something bigger." - Ban Ki Moon