Sunday, 21 December 2014

Every Conversation Changes The Future

Think of someone who inspired you,

Did they mindfully choose to inspire you? Was it someone who reached out to make a meaningful relationship with you? Someone who cared? Was there tragedy that cultivated blessing?

Come with me on my journey. 

Make this affirmation with me:

I can make a positive contribution!

I am the youngest of 4. My 2 older sisters are 10 years older than my brother and I, and they moved out when I was a kid. My brother Isaac was severely autistic. He never spoke a word in his life. He died 7 years ago. 

I am acutely aware of the problems that families with mentally disabled children face. I am very much aware of mental health issues. As such I am passionate about things like HomeFULLness and building relationships with street involved people to raise them up and be homeFULL. I can make a positive contribution.

I went to boarding high school seminary in Mission BC. It is a seminary run by Benedictine monks. It was one of the best experiences of my life. During that very formative time of my life I grew in virtue and knowledge. I learned to be respectful and compassionate. We volunteered at soup kitchens and we sang at old folks homes. I will carry those experiences with me for the rest of my life. When I need inspiration I look back at them and am able to refocus myself. I am renewed and I know that I can make a positive contribution!

I didn't graduate from the seminary instead I finished school here in Red Deer. I went to Hunting Hills. Very early into my first school year at HHHS the principal made a speech that inspired me greatly. I look back at it and recognize it as a pivotal moment in my life. He spoke about getting involved in the community and being creative. As a result of his speech I joined the drama class and was in every play that I could be in! I know how creativity, collaboration and communication bring people together and enhance General-Well-Being and I know I can make a positive contribution.

I had my first daughter when I was 19 years old and I have 3 more kids through my blended family. I am grateful for my children and I am enriched by them every day. I know how hard it can be having children so early and I am grateful for all the help I received from the amazing people in my life. I realize that there is no such thing as a “self-made-man” but that it takes relationship and compassion to build up the person so they can realize their potential. I hope I can be the the same sort leader for my children. I can make a positive contribution.

Eventually I did what many young men in Alberta do and I went to work on the rigs. For 10 years I slept next to my wallet. I missed out on many things such as my kids growing up and maintaining relationships with family and friends. I grew apart and fell into a cycle of alcohol and depression. But that wasn’t the path for me, after 10 years in the oilfield I have now changed gears. I haven’t had a drink in nearly 3 years! I am building relationships and feel much happier! I am inspired to make a positive contribution. 

While working on the rigs I saw environmental catastrophes, spills that went unreported and damage to the environment that will take years to repair! No one knows better the environmental impact that the oil and gas industry has more than Albertans working first hand in the industry. With that said the culture is shifting and I am proud that we have high environmental stewardship standards and our province is slowly moving in a positive direction; if not from the top down then from the bottom up. I am passionate about environmental sustainability and I can make a positive contribution.

The summation of my oilfield carrier is now the beginning of my carrier as an oilfield safety instructor and the beginning of my passionate involvement in the community. I am an entrepreneur. I will build a business that gives my family a comfortable life and that enables me to give back to the community. I believe that the changes which need to happen will occur through education and passionate leadership. I can make a positive contribution.

The reason I ran for city council the last election is because I see our city opening up like a blossom with so much potential. As Red Deer grows we can really build something great! Some themes we must hold steadfast to are: evidence based public policy, environmental stewardship and enhancing the creative class of leaders in our community. I am excited to make a positive contribution.

My Dreams:

  • I want to give back to the community that built me.
  • I want to increase HomeFULLness in our community.
  • I want to enhance environmental stewardship in our community.
  • I want to raise awareness and show compassion to people with mental illness.
  • I want to have conversations that change the future for the better.
  • I want to collaborate with the great leaders in our community who are working hard to do these things and find ways to be a conduit for good.

Merry Christmas,

"When we are motivated by compassion the results of our actions benefit everyone!" - Dali Lama