Sunday, 14 December 2014

Give & You Will Receive

It really feels good to give.

This Sunday I went to church and Reverend Jeff spoke about something that really hit home for me. He said that we focus all our giving and volunteer efforts right up to christmas but then after the holiday is over people forget that there is still need, perhaps even more need since many families over extend their finances by buying too many presents for everyone.

So I'm going to make an early New Years resolution; aside from the other one I already made, namely to work out more. I resolve to stay active in the community year round. I am going to continue to volunteer and help when and where I can!

My fiancé, Krystal has been a member of a local Rotary club here in Red Deer called Rotary Sunrise for about a year now and recently I was invited to join as well. So in January I will be officially inducted as a new member. The whole club is filled with positive and compassionate people who give back to the community through continued service. I am excited to work with so many amazing community leaders!

I'm also excited to be able to volunteer my services as board member for Volunteer Central, I hope to make a positive contribution! It will be a learning curve but I am grateful for the opportunity! I really believe in the vision of Volunteer Central: to improve the quality of life for Central Albertans by linking people, places and knowledge. If you're interested in volunteering check out the list of available volunteer opportunities here.

Also, I am excited to serve our community as a member of the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) for the City of Red Deer. I am primed with ideas and questions and I look forward to benefiting the public good! It really is an honour to be chosen to be part of the EAC. Learning to be an effective committee member will be a challenge and I look forward to it.

As I was reading through the Environmental Master Plan I realized that there has been a lot of hard work and a lot of great leadership in Red Deer to make our city more environmentally sustainable. That is really good news. Often the media focuses the environmental discussion on "What is Big Gov doing to protect the environment" but it is at the municipal level where "the rubber meets the road". Cities can make the biggest contribution when it comes to environmental sustainability and I am proud of the leadership in our community.

Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Salvation Army to help with the Christmas Kettle Campaign I would like to close this blog with an insight I gleamed from that experience.

By giving people the opportunity to give I am giving them an opportunity to increase their personal happiness. Every time someone walked past the kettle and dropped some change in I observed that they left with a smile. The smile is evidence they are feeling better for having done something altruistic. I find it interesting that I can increase their happiness merely by giving them an opportunity to give and that they can increase my happiness too! Every time they give I see that my service is valuable and that I am helping and that is a very good feeling.

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Merry Christmas

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