Monday, 13 April 2015

I Support The Alberta Party, Reason #1

Environmental Policy

I am not anti-oil and gas but I have a strong environmental side. I am very fond of that place where all my food, water and air comes from.

I heard from the man himself, Jim Prentice that "if you are in the energy business you are in the environment business". He rightly says that Alberta has the BEST environmental standards in the world!

But let's just admit it; being the 'BEST' doesn't speak to whether or not we are actually GOOD ENOUGH! With that said, we do have some good environmental policies but we need to actually enforce them. Also, we need to stop pretending that all is well and start being honest about the environmental impacts we are having.

When I hear Greg Clark speak about the practical steps we can take to make our province more environmentally sustainable I hear that he cares about this issue and that he will actually do something about it. I also hear that he wont just toss our province off a cliff in the name of getting off our addiction to oil. 

I believe this approach is the only practical middle ground solution to the problems we face with climate change. The world must change and the world will change! Alberta can lead the way! But we need visionary leadership. I see that with Greg Clark!

Also I see a man and a party that I can work with. Its not their way or the highway, rather they are open to input and will allow their MLAs to represent the people and vote their conscience. It is because of this attitude that I am confident, that although their environmental policies are developing they can be honed into a practical framework that will serve our province well. 

I fully support the Alberta Party and I fully endorse Krystal Kromm for Red Deer North!

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Krystal Kromm is the Alberta Party candidate for Red Deer North. 

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