Saturday, 16 May 2015

16 Paces - The Story Of My Garden

Hey everyone,

I live in an average suburban city in Central Alberta and about a year ago I decided I no longer liked having a lawn because it was not really beneficial to the environment. I started watching YouTube videos about permaculture and urban farming and I was inspired! One of my favourite channels is Alberta Urban Garden!

I have also been inspired by ReThink Red Deer, an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the people in the community by focusing on environmental sustainability and smart urban planning. I am proud to say that I now serve as a board member for the organization!

Over the last year I have spent many days and nights imagining and planning what I am about to do. I am going to turn my yard into a beautiful, sustainable and a highly productive urban farm. As part of that I have decided that I will try my best to align my practices with sustainable designs so that my actions will cause a net positive improvement to the environment!

I have been very busy over the last few weeks building my raised garden beds and wheel-barrowing dirt around. But the process actually started last year when I built a large composter in my back yard and started UP-cycling all the organic waste that my home produced... and then some... but thats another story. Now is the time to put ideas into ACTION!

I have 4 well defined goals for this project:

1) This must look good.

- Since I live in a suburban neighbourhood and all my neighbours have perfectly manicured lawns and since I do not want to be that neighbour that nobody wants to live beside, this has to be aesthetically pleasing.

2) This must be sustainable. 

- I want my actions to cause a net positive improvement to the environment. There are many ways to do this and I have lots of ideas. I hope to learn along the way and to be an inspiration to others.

3) This must be productive.

- I do not want to waste my time growing just a small amount of stuff. So I will do what I can to maximize yield while keeping with goal #2. Part of this goal is to maximize quality as well.

4) This must be cost effective.

- Being environmentally sustainable is not something just for the rich. In fact it is something that everyone needs to take seriously as it is a necessity for all of humanity. I will up-cycle, recycle and be as creative as possible so as to save money and add value to the things that I do.

The name of this project is 16 Paces. 

- I am calling it that because it is about 16 paces from my garden to my kitchen.

A few days ago I started my new YouTube Channel and Facebook Page to promote the video blog that I will be making to document my journey. Check them out!

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I have already made a few video blog posts. They are linked to the bottom of this blog.

I will be writing about this topic more but the majority of the things I will be discussing about 16 Paces will be on my video blog. So please follow along! I am always open to suggestions and I am eager to learn. Also I hope to be a source of inspiration to you as well!


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