Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Free Vacuum!

Hey everyone,

The other day a friend of a friend was going to throw away his vacuum because it wouldn't suck anymore. Luckily Krystal asked to keep it instead of just letting it get chucked into the landfill for thousands of years.

When she brought it home I plugged it in and there was nothing wrong with the motor. So I took it apart and cleaned it. Sure enough it was plugged with lint, hair, dust and bits of plastic. After I cleaned it out I put it back together and...


It works fine!!!

Before now I didn't have a vacuum and it has been on my list for a while. (FYI, I only have 2 small carpeted rooms in my house so I needed one but don't worry it wasn't out of control.) So now that I have a sweet vacuum I went online to see how much it was worth. A few websites had it listed for $499! Score!

But after all this was said and done I got to thinking about how this sort of thing is exactly what is wrong with the world. We consume resources without regard and then discard without even a second thought. With all the talk about climate change and peak resources and lakes drying up and smog warnings we urgently need to change how we do things!

Sustainability is more of a media buzz word than a meaningful term these days so I feel it is fitting for the conversation to define it.

Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behaviour indefinitely. 

Well there are many things we do that we will not be able to continue to do indefinitely and throwing perfectly good repairable things away is one of them. So in my little way I feel that I am making a positive contribution. 

What are you doing to move towards the goal of more sustainability?


BTW, If you are in the Red Deer area and are interested in solutions to live more sustainably there is an Eco-Living fair being held March 21 at RDC. More info click here. See you there!